• DJ Kaia Hüva (Estonia)
Kaia has been DJing at many milongas in Tallinn, Estonia during the past couple of years. Her evenings are full of good traditional tango tandas with shortcuts to tango nuevo.

  • DJ Gabriel Valiente (Argentina/Spain)
Gabriel Valiente is a regular DJ at milongas in Barcelona (El Almacén, Desde El Alma, El Molino) since 2010. He has also been a guest DJ at milongas in Barcelona (Gratalonga, La Yumba), London (Abrazos) and Buenos Aires (La Baldosa, Porteño y Bailarín), and at tango festivals in Barcelona and St. Petersburg. He is well known in Barcelona for his unique style of "golden age recordings" that builds an emotional trajectory across tandas on the dance floor.

  • DJ Tommy Selggren (Sweden)
Tommy Selggren is a tango DJ from Sweden. He has been dancing tango since 2002 - having got inspiration from an unexpected visit to one milonga with a performance by famous tango dancers Demian Garcia & Carolina Bonaventura. After this evening he was so attracted by tango that he started taking lessons in Uppsala. Throughout the years he has improved his skills with such famous teachers as Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega, Mariano 'Chicho' Frúmboli & Eugenia Parrilla, Damian Esell & Nancy Louzan, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli, etc. Tommy has also lived and taken lessons in Argentina, including private lessons with Dana Frigoli & Silvina Machadoga and others. Currently Tommy is teaching regularly in his home town Gävle together with Kerstin Hede but has also been invited to teach elsewhere in Sweden. 

  • DJ Evaldas Drasutis (Lithuania)
DJ Evaldas is known as an excellent DJ and passionate dancer from Vilnius (Lithuania). During last several years he has been regularly DJing in milongas in Vilnius and also in Riga. DJ Evaldas plays the best of traditional danceable tango music organised in tandas and separated by cortinas: the best structure ever invented for social dancing. He believes that "the music leads the leader" and the dance itself is already "encoded" in the music.

  • DJ Maret Laanes  (Estonia)
Maret is the first, most active and well-known DJ from Estonia and has been playing in the other two Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania) several times during the last years. She was the initiator and spirit of the weekly milonga tradition in Tallinn in September 2008 in Restoran Bossanova. As she is a tango dancer herself for more than 10 years, having visited Argentina and workshops-milongas there for several times by now, she also gives lessons to beginners and advanced dancers in Tallinn and helped to organise the Spicy Ice Tango Festival in Pärnu, Estonia in February 2011.