Sylvia Gerbi & Anibal Dominguez


All lessons of María Trubba & Daniele Calà have been cancelled due to the teachers' health problems. Some of the planned workshops have been cancelled but luckily MOST WORKSHOPS have been REPLACED and will be given by Sylvia Gerbi (France) & Anibal Dominguez (Uruguay) or Elena Viktorova & Dmitry Viktorov (Latvia).


Sylvia Gerbi is a ballet, classical and contemporary dancer who started with tango six (6) years ago. She works as a tango teacher in Paris and all around Europe. She has participated in famous tango shows all around the continent and nowadays organises the Tango Roots Festival in Paris.

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Anibal Dominguez started with tango nine (9) years ago while studying contemporay dance: first with "classical tango" and later with "the new tango (tango nuevo)". He studied many years with Esteban and Evelyn, Martin Borteiro and Regina Chiappara, Eugenia Parrilla and Pablo Inza. Anibal also danced as a professional at el Milongon which is a very famous Tango Dinner Show in Montevideo.