Wednesday, 20th July   

18:00 - 20:00 Registration in Cubanita Live Café  

20:00 - 02:00 Welcome Milonga in Cubanita Live Café

DJ Kaia Hüva

Entrance free!

NB! Greetings and a surprise around 23:00

Thursday, 21st July

21:00 - 03:00 Opening Concert-Milonga with the performance of Estonian musicians (Indrek Liit - composition and accordion; Marten Altrov - clarinet,      Erki-Andres Nuut - grass instrument, Tanel Liiberg - bass,                                          Janno Pokk - percussion and nyckelharpa, Liis Lutsoja - violin) and                            club Tango Tallinn dancers in Salme Culture Centre*

DJ Gabriel Valiente

NB! The concert starts at 22:00; social dancing afterwards

Friday, 22nd July

21:00  - 04:00 Open Air Concert-Milonga with Trio StazoMayor & Luis Stazo  in the Estonian Open Air Museum*

Performances by Elena Viktorova & Dmitry Viktorov (Latvia) /                          Sylvia Gerbi (France) & Anibal Dominguez (Uruguay)

DJ Tommy Selggren

NB! The concert starts at 21:30; social dancing afterwards

Saturday, 23rd July

21:00 - 04:00 Concert-Milonga with Sexteto StazoMayor & Luis Stazo                 in Mustpeade Maja (House of Brotherhood of Blackheads)*

Performances by El Flaco Dany (Argentina) & Lucia Mirzan (Romania) /         Cecilia González (Argentina) & Somer Sürgit (USA, Turkey)

NB! The concert starts at 21:30; social dancing afterwards

Sunday, 24th July 

18:00 23:00 Farewell Milonga in the Rooftop Cinema (Viru Shopping Centre)

DJ Maret Laanes

Entrance free until the film session starting at 23:00! 

Entrance from 23:00 with the cinema ticket - 5 EUR (available only in Piletilevi or on place, i.e. the ticket is not included into Tango Port Tallinn packages).

Film of the evening: "Disco dancer" (1982) by Babbar Subhash.

NB! The last milonga will be an "Alternative Milonga in Socks" - time to leave your high heels into the bag/room corner, feel the softness of the carpet and connection with the "Earth".

NB! NB! Unofficial AFTERPARTY starting at 23:30 on Lai str. 13 (Tallinn University Choreography Department)

For information about the workshops, please follow this link: Workshops