Lessons for Intermediate (Int) and Advanced level (Adv) are held by El Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan, Cecilila González & Somer Surgit and Sylvia Gerbi & Anibal Dominguez.

Lessons for Beginners are held by Elena Viktorova & Dmitry Viktorov.


All lessons of María Trubba & Daniele Calà as well as Kaja & Martin Keil have been cancelled due to the teachers' health and/or serious personal problems. 
After various negotiations we have found GREAT NEW TEACHERS who will replace most of the planned workshops.
See the table with modifications below here.

NB! The technique lessons do take place.

El Flaco Dany & Lucia Mirzan
Cecilia González & Somer Sürgit
Sylvia Gerbi & Anibal Dominguez
Elena Viktorova & Dmitry Viktorov
Thursday, 21st July            
12 F1 Milonga – How to convey and receive the fast movement
S1 The subtleness of crossing (ALL) D1 Rhythm & Music (Int/Adv)   CANCELLED !    
14 F2 Milonga – Lisa & con traspie – different types of traspie
(Int/Adv) FULL
S2 Turns (the structure)
D2 Spiral movements in different elements CANCELLED !    
16 F3 Milonga – Musicality, rhythm, cadence (paus)
S3 Technique for leading & performing voleos (Int) FULL    
18             B2 Walking, leading and following
Friday, 22nd July            
12 F4 Milonga – Slow vs Fast – change of dynamics
S4 Starting with volcadas
D4 Tango basic principles applied to different elements (ALL)
14 F5 Milonga – Composition of the dance & adornos (Int/Adv)  3 more places available for LEADERS S5 Learning to let go with soltadas
D5 Voleos - Dynamics and different possibilities for leaders (Adv)  
M1   Men's Technique:
Turning and walking as a great tanguero
W1  Women's Technique: Quality of movements for walking and turning

18             B4 Embrace as essence of tango (for BEGINNERS) 
Saturday, 23rd July            
12 F6 Tango - Caminatas – structures & improvisation tools (Adv) FULL S6 Ganchos for men and women

Close embrace and dancing in a small space (ALL)

14 F7 Tango – Complex Figures in Close Embrace
(Int/Adv) FULL
S7 Musicality and phrasing
D7 Back sacadas for leaders & followers - combinations (ALL)    
M2  Men's Technique:
 A MUST-have list to become a good dancer
W2  Women's Technique:  'Flying legs'
exercises for voleos, ganchos, etc.

18             B6 Rhythm with small combinations
Sunday, 24th July            
12 F8 Milonga – Giros, Contragiros in milongas (Int/Adv) S8 Sacadas for men and women

Turns & change of direction (ALL)



F9 Special candombe seminar
S9 Changes of directions with sacadas
D9 Close & Open embrace, changing from one to another (ALL)